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Product Name:PCB cnc router/pcb engraver machine/pcb drilling milling machine JCUT-5060

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PCB cnc router/pcb engraver machine/pcb drilling milling machine  JCUT-5060

The most boring ting to do is to make the PCB. Though now most people give the boring affairs to the PCB factory, yet it is indeed too long to wait for about three days or a week. New inspiration for a design is usually given up because of the trouble. While a PCB making machine can finish making a piece of PCB only in a few minutes, which can let your inspiration instant come true.


Main features:

1. High efficiency: It merely needs a few minutes to make a piece of PCB.

2. Accuracy: The min error of numerical control drill hole less than 1mil (0.025mm).

3. Automatism and convenience: Simple software hardware installation, operate the manufacturing process by striking the function keys of operation system.



Main technical parameter:

Whole cast aluminum with cylindrical guide

Machined surface: single/double

Worktable board: 500*600mm

Max. speed: 8000mm/min

Working speed: 0-4000mm/min

Working accuracy: 6 - 8mil

Least line diameter and least line spacing: 6 - 8mil

Drilling depth: 0.02 ~ 3mm

Drilling diameter: 0.4 ~ 3.175mm

Drilling holes: 40-100/min

Repeat Accuracy: 0.025mm

The least error of Data control drill less than 1mil (0.015mm)

Operation system: WIN2000/XP /VISTA

Means of communication: PCI

Function Request: Protel PCB document can be directly put in. (gerber)

Spindle speed: 24000rpm

Spindle power: 1500W

Power supply: AC210-240V

Volume: 1200*1200*1600mm

Gross: 220Kg